Drone attacks ‘linked’ to suspected Europe terror plot

October 6, 2010 04:16

Officials have linked a recent increase in US drone missile attacks in Pakistan to efforts to disrupt a suspected al-Qaeda plot to attack European targets.

BBC News


The strikes include one on Monday which killed eight militants, among them five German nationals, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US told the BBC.

The US has carried out 26 drone strikes on Pakistan in the past month – the highest monthly total for the past six years.

Pakistani officials have said five German nationals were killed along with three other militants.

On Monday, the German interior ministry revealed that 70 Germans had been given paramilitary training in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a third of them had returned home.

A drone strike in North Waziristan earlier in September killed a British national named Abdul Jabbar who had been living in Punjab province.

A British security source told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that Jabbar was being groomed to head an al-Qaeda offshoot in the UK.


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