GOP to Obama: START treaty still far from votes for ratification

October 4, 2010 07:34

“The treaty is built on a platform that assumes parity with Russia,” DeMint said. “It creates this impression that we’re going to be safer when in fact I think it makes the world more dangerous.” -Keep calling 202-224-3121 Tell your senator to vote no!

By J. Taylor Rushing at The Hill


Democratic leaders are eyeing a floor vote on the treaty sometime after Nov. 15, when the chamber convenes for a few weeks before adjourning for the Christmas holiday.

But ratification will require 67 votes by the Senate — the House does not vote on treaties — and Republicans have been vocal critics of the treaty for months, led by GOP Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.).

Lugar, the panel’s ranking Republican, was also optimistic.

“I think we’ll have a debate and ratify the treaty during this calendar year,” he said. “But I would be completely off-base on trying to predict the final vote.”


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