Harry Reid says Jaime Herrera (R) WA – 03 shouldn’t exist

October 14, 2010 08:16

She’s a conservative, Hispanic woman who is the Republican nominee for Congress in Washington state’s 3rd congressional district.

Guy Benson ON THE ROAD at Townhall.com


In August, Reid told a Latino audience that he didn’t know “how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”  When Herrera, 31, first heard Reid’s remarks, she was momentarily dumbfounded.  “It was a sense of disbelief at first,” she tells me at her campaign headquarters in Vancouver, Wash.—just north of Portland, Oregon.  “But then I realized that this man, who is the face of the Democratic Party, does not understand the American people.  Most Americans believe in individual responsibility, liberty, personal ownership, and basic fairness.  Those are American, and fairly conservative, values that appeal to all sorts of people, regardless of background.”

Congressman Brian Baird, the Democrat who currently represents WA-03, put his foot in his mouth by likening anti-Obamacare protesters to Nazis.  “What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics.  I mean that very seriously,” he said on August 5, 2009.  A few days later, Herrera found herself inundated with requests that she challenge Baird, some of which came in an usual setting—her own wedding.

She now holds a 9-to-13 point advantage, which has prompted a number of political prognosticators to flip the race to “lean Republican.”

National Democrats, sensing the race slipping away, have parachuted into WA-03, deploying Vice President Biden to the district and mailing out flyers attacking Herrera’s pro-life stance.

Unemployment is an especially potent issue in Clark County, where the jobless rate stands at 13.9 percent.  Clark County voters make up more than half of the district’s electorate.  “My opponent votes for higher taxes that kill jobs.  I don’t.  My opponent supports Obamacare, which will also kill jobs.  I don’t.  I think there are better solutions to our country’s healthcare problems than what we’ve seen in that bill, which is actually driving up costs.”


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