HUD to waste $150 million on ‘sustainable communites’ grants

October 18, 2010 13:24

“Smart growth” and “sustainable development,” are leftist code for top-down central planning aimed at changing where we live and work and how we travel. It will be overseen by bureaucrats in the Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Transportation and implemented through local governments.

By Susan Jones at 10-18-10


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development last week announced nearly $100 million in new grants “to support more livable and sustainable communities across the country.”

“Planning our communities smarter means parents will spend less time driving and more time with their children; more families will live in safe, stable communities near good schools and jobs; and more businesses will have access to the capital and talent they need to grow and prosper.”

The Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Program — funded for the first time this year — is part of the Obama administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, an interagency collaboration that brings HUD, the Transportation Department, and the Environmental Protection Agency together to help communities across the country “create more housing choices, make transportation more efficient and reliable, reinforce existing investments, and support the kinds of neighborhoods that attract businesses.”

The 45 organizations that received grants (see list) were competitively selected from more than 1,000 applicants from across the country. The grants were judged by a team drawn from eight federal agencies and from partners in philanthropy.


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