Independence Day – November 2nd The alien left is blowing up everything they can

October 27, 2010 05:47

Shameful activity flowing around the country as the desperate and compromised left tries to steal an election

By Dr. Laurie Roth at Canada Free Press


In Washington state, (my state) the race between the extreme liberal, Patty Murray and Dino Rossi is a classic leftist horror show. Murray has been openly enlisting illegal aliens to canvass for votes in many neighborhoods.

What about the word ‘US citizen’ do people not understand? What about law do they also not understand? The bottom line is that votes are so coveted that we see organized crime like activity each election, not enforcing REAL voter ID at voting locations, pushing and campaigning for millions of illegal alien votes, pushing for dead people, felons and others to vote and many times. Then there are the precious voter machines. Who controls them, is the voting data secure and do hackers get in and change things? Yes and Yes!

Now, how many liberals are already listed on electronic voter pages all across the country? I thought it was horrifying and bad enough that so many felons, dead people and illegal aliens would vote, but as I have suspected all along, voting machines are also being manipulated and hacked into. I want to know, who is running these computers in every city and state. How is security being handled, have there been background checks and how in God’s green earth does Harry Reid’s name magically appear already written on the voter sheet again and again? Why aren’t we all on paper ballots?

This is not only a voter fraud and election manipulation issue but a national security issue in every sense.

It is absolutely insane that we would entertain all kinds of mystery and illegal votes but screw over our brave and faithful military overseas. I could care less what the reason is state by state.


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