Is it Legal? Soros, Tides & Unions Use Illegals to Campaign for Dems

October 23, 2010 17:51

According to their annual reports, Jayapal’s OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone) receives funding from a number of liberal individuals and interest groups, including George SorosOpen Society Institute, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, the Tides Foundation and a number of various union organizations.

“Immigrants really do matter,” Jayapal said. “If we can’t vote ourselves, we’re gonna knock on doors, or get family members to vote.”

From Meredith Jessup at The Blaze and she had this:

While Democratic Party officials — including President Barack Obama — are out on the stump complaining about conservative groups who allegedly accept funds from foreign groups and labeling them a “threat to democracy,” what’s to be said about liberal interest groups using actual people from other countries to push their political agenda?

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