KY AG Conway takes check from big pharma company that the state is suing

October 28, 2010 13:24

In another twist in the Kentucky senate race, AG Jack Conway has been exposed as taking a $50,000 check for ‘drug diversion efforts’ from the OxyContin manufacturer that is being sued by Kentucky.

A deputy Attorney General in Conway’s office is said to have threatened Marianne Skolek with a charge of ‘jury tampering’ if she wrote about the incident.

Ms. Skolek wrote about it in the in September 2009:

“My goal during my conversation with the Deputy AG was to convince him that a $50,000 check accepted by AG Conway by a funded Purdue Pharma organization was a slap in every OxyContin victim’s face not only in Kentucky, but throughout the country.

When I realized it was a futile effort on my part, I told him that I would be doing some writings about this.

He advised me that if I did that I would be charged with “jury tampering.” Since I was just told by the Deputy AG that Purdue Pharma would not be bringing this up in a court proceeding and since the case is not even close to having jury selection, why would I be threatened with the words “jury tampering?”

He backed down and said he didn’t mean to use those words.”

The $50,000 came from NADDI which is funded by Purdue Pharma which is being sued by Kentucky. So is Conway too dumb to know that the money came from Purdue Pharma or did he know and hope nobody would find out? Or worse, was Conway a party to some kind of deal with Purdue Pharma? It is an election year you know.

Through October 25th Conway has received $587,000 from lawyers and law firms, and $90,000 from unions.

Jack Conway (D)

Industry Total
Lawyers/Law Firms $587,886
Retired $298,807
Leadership PACs $106,800
Securities & Investment $102,800
Health Professionals $100,231
Real Estate $92,578
Civil Servants/Public Officials $80,217
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $67,000
Crop Production & Basic Processing $53,800
TV/Movies/Music $53,570
Education $51,927
Industrial Unions $50,000
Business Services $49,700
Democratic/Liberal $47,764
Beer, Wine & Liquor $42,950
General Contractors $40,700
Commercial Banks $39,650
Building Trade Unions $35,000
Misc Finance $34,600
Food & Beverage $33,590

source for contributions – Open Center for Responsive Politics

Jack Conway – A Failed Record on Fighting Drugs

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