Landrieu battles White House for killing drilling jobs

October 1, 2010 06:18

Landrieu blamed the administration’s drilling ban — put in place as administration officials review new federal drilling standards in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico spill — for economically hurting the region more than the spill itself.

By Darren Goode and Sam Youngman at The Hill


White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Thursday called Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) procedural hold on President Obama’s nominee for budget director sad and outrageous.

Landrieu is blocking Senate confirmation of his nomination until a post-election lame-duck session in order to keep pressure on the Obama administration to lift or relax a deepwater oil-and-gas drilling moratorium and to speed up shallow-water drilling permits that are not officially part of the ban.

She added, “The fact that the most acute of these economic challenges, the moratorium, results from a direct (and reversible) federal action only serves to harden my stance on Mr. Lew’s nomination. I cannot support further action on Mr. Lew’s nomination to be a key economic advisor to the President until I am convinced that the President and his Administration understand the detrimental impacts that the actual and de facto moratoria continue to have on the Gulf Coast.”


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