Memo To Moscow: Not Our Backyard

October 18, 2010 16:56

Russia has agreed to help the regime in Venezuela enter the atomic age by building the country’s first nuclear power plant. Will someone please remind Moscow the Monroe Doctrine has not lapsed?

IBD Editorial


In a meeting Friday at the Kremlin, Medvedev and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez agreed that Russia would build two nuclear reactors somewhere in oil-rich Venezuela, which is on one of only two continents that hasn’t had a nuclear explosion.

It’s called dual-use technology. A facility that can enrich fissionable material for generating electricity can enrich that same substance to a weapons-grade level. In a single month, for instance, a 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plant produces enough plutonium to make more than three atomic weapons.

Medvedev, who committed earlier this year to selling Chavez an additional $5 billion in arms after already selling him $4 billion in weaponry, made this clear in defending the accord.

In the last two years, we’ve moved toward actual appeasement of Russia by agreeing not to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe; signing an arms deal that, for the first time, linked our nuclear arsenals and missile defense; and looking the other way as Russia continued its occupation of Georgia.


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