Obamanomics 101

October 21, 2010 11:03

With days to go before the Nov. 2 election, this quick, eight-question quiz will test your ability to think and talk Obamanomics.

By at American Spectator


For spendthrift Democrats to go around claiming that they have “cut taxes” is to engage in the most deliberate and outrageous obfuscation — throwing dirt in the eyes of an American public. What Obama and the Democrats have done, in the course of running up $2.7 trillion in federal deficits and spending nearly 25% of GDP over the past two years, is to put checks in the mail to people who, for the most part, pay no income tax — meaning that these payments from the federal government out of borrowed money are indistinguishable from welfare checks. The Obama administration has not cut tax rates for real taxpayers and has no intention of doing so (with huge tax increases soon to take effect with the expiration of the earlier round of George W. Bush tax cuts).

Look for a quieter, gentler brand of progressivism between now and Nov. 2.  You will hear of Obama’s support for “lean” and “efficient” government and “tax cuts” for people and businesses.  Pay no attention to any of this.  It is the voice of Obamanomics running scared; of Obamanomics that dares not speak its name.  It’s not the real deal.


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