Petraeus lets fast food back into Afghanistan

October 7, 2010 06:30

“These quality-of-life programs remain important to soldiers for stress relief and therefore enhancing military readiness,” Gen. David Petraeus wrote in an Oct. 4 order.

By Karen Jowers at Military Times


The ultimate goal of restoring these concessions to Afghanistan, he wrote, is “boosting residents’ morale on U.S. bases.”

The order rescinds a closure order issued Feb. 3 by former Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who directed 50 AAFES concessionaires to close within 90 days following a review of morale, welfare and recreation activities within the war zone.

Petraeus reiterated in his Oct. 4 order that exchange concessions operate in contingency environments at the request of the combatant commander and subordinate commands. “It is a unit commander’s decision, driven by space and support, to determine if and where these facilities would reopen,” he wrote.


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