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October 4, 2010 06:29

It is clear where he wants to take the country–toward a European-style socialism, a command economy, driven by an all-powerful central government, determined to redistribute wealth and remake America as a multicultural, secular humanist state.

By at American Spectator


The long-delayed Democratic dream had arrived: A president who was the most liberal in the nation’s history, backed by a Congress with large enough majorities to run roughshod over the opposition.

The path was cleared for the final flowering of liberal policy. The “boiling point” was at hand, and Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid turned up the burners, eager to transform America. What followed was an effort to remake the economy: government takeovers of big banks, auto makers, all health care; rules and regulations to control industry, local schools and more; an explosion of Federal spending, handouts, subsidies and bribes (“cash for clunkers,” mortgage bailouts) to make more and more voters dependent on government.

This truly was a game-changer for America, raising questions about the future of capitalism, individual liberty, the role and viability of state governments, the relevance of the Constitution.

The election next month is not about returning the Republican Party to power in Washington. It is about stepping back from this tipping point, this precipice that Obama and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have led us to.

The alarm and the urgency that is felt by so many conservatives, independents, and even Democrats who feel they were duped in 2008, arises from the conviction that this may be a one-time chance to pull back from the edge.

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