Progressives and Communists: Out of the Closet — Together

October 4, 2010 04:41

Historically, communist involvement at these rallies has been meticulously concealed, hidden from progressives, with the communists using the progressives as props — as dupes.

Paul Kengor at American Thinker


That the two sides here, on Saturday, happily accepted one another, proudly uniting, shows how far to the left progressives have moved, not to mention their unflagging confidence under the ascendancy of Obama-Pelosi-Reid.

Consider the group Progressives for Obama, formed during Obama’s presidential bid. It was loaded with and even founded by some hardcore communists from the 1960s. Consider merely two of them: Tom Hayden, one of the group’s four founders, and Mark Rudd, one of the 94 original signers. Hayden and Rudd had been leaders of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which subverted the policies and plans of Democratic presidents ranging from Vietnam to the 1968 convention. In 2008, both Hayden and Rudd suddenly reemerged as “Progressives for Obama.”

Basically, what Rudd said is that Obama hoodwinked “centrist” and “cross-over” voters.

Thus, a candidate like Obama can succeed only by pushing his agenda guardedly. He ran as a centrist, not as National Journal’s certified “most liberal senator in 2007.”

And that was precisely what spilled into the streets on Saturday, October 2 in the “One Nation” rally, fittingly centralized in Washington. This time, however, the collective was unafraid, buttressed by a confidence that coaxed the communists out of the closet and into the welcoming arms of “progressives.”


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