Pushing Junk Science on Children

October 6, 2010 04:04

Every year, scientists for sale compete for government grants to perform “research” that advances the human-caused global warming hoax.

By Chuck Rogér at American Thinker


Democrat Representative John Sarbanes of Maryland wants public schools to “get young people invested” in “climate change” and “population growth” in order to “[raise] awareness early” and “promote the agenda.” That would be the agenda of junk science alarmism.

Not only has Sarbanes advocated global warming indoctrination, but the congressman’s remarks also seem to call for schools to push the debunked overpopulation myth popularized by Paul Ehrlich in his 1970 book, The Population Bomb. Rachel Carson’s DDT scare, acid rain, anti-nuclear power hysteria, the population bomb, and the global warming hoax — the world has been asked to prepare for one faux-disaster after another. In the process, American liberals have used schools and universities to fill young minds with grotesque falsehoods.

Secretary Arne Duncan wants to require schools to make children “good environmental citizens.” The Secretary advocates indoctrination in the junk science of “climate change” as early as kindergarten in order to inspire kids toward future careers in “green jobs.”

Now Duncan wants to use taxpayer dollars to push another fallacy, the wisdom of “green jobs,” on public school students. But as Spain’s job-murdering experience proved, the “green economy” is a sure path to economic devastation.

Neither the Sarbanes nor the Duncan pronouncements should be surprising. America is twenty months into the reign of Obama, a regime that has pushed trillions of dollars of wasteful spending which piles trillions in debt atop existing trillions.

Amid so much deceitful, fallacy-based agenda-pushing, there is no reason to expect honesty and accuracy in the federal education arena.


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