The Coons 12: Terrorism, Communist Ties

October 5, 2010 06:43

Are Democrats endorsed by groups openly rallying with supporters of Hamas? Hezbollah? Communists? Socialists? Marxists?

By at American Spectator


Which groups is Coons accepting endorsements from, knowing full well the same groups have deliberately and quite publicly tied themselves to supporters of terrorism, Communism and socialism?

That would be these groups:

Communications Workers of America
Planned Parenthood
People for the American Way
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Stonewall Democrats
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
National Education Association
Human Rights Campaign

All of this — and not a peep, not one peep — from the media.

ANSWER  has “repeatedly expressed support for terrorist groups determined to dismantle the state of Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

Those supporting groups that are officially listed by the U.S. State Department as the killers of U.S. Marines and kidnappers of American citizens are just the kind of folks you want to be arm-in-arm with in sponsoring a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Which is exactly what the Coons 12 was doing this past Saturday.

The Coons 12  have also spent their last Saturday palling around the Mall and its monuments to Lincoln, Washington and World War II veterans with another fellow co-sponsor of this just-us-folks rally.  That would be:

THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA: You read that right. The Coons 12 quite happily signed on to join up at a rally co-sponsored by the Communist Party.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION: These folks? Ah, the Coons 12 has linked itself up in this case with revolutionaries who believe in replacing capitalism with socialism.

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA: These people believe that the best means to their socialist ends is, and this is a direct quote here, “…in Democratic Party primaries in support of candidates who represent a broad progressive coalition.

• COLOR OF CHANGE.ORG: This ring a bell? Yes indeed, this is the self-same group co-founded by now ex-Obama White House “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones — the self-described Communist and Truther.

Who else out there in the world of Democrats running for office has accepted support from the groups composing the Coons 12? A partial list of candidates  — say again, a partial list — would include:

• Harry Reid in Nevada
• Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania
• Barbara Boxer in California
• Patty Murray in Washington
• Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut
• Michael Bennet in Colorado
• Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois
• Kendrick Meek in Florida
• Jack Conway in Kentucky
• Russ Feingold in Wisconsin
• Kirsten Gillibrand in New York


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