The Death of Government

October 15, 2010 04:17

There is far too much government in our lives. Government regulates the light bulbs we can use, the process of hiring employees, the licenses which businesses need to operate, and, of course, the mammoth monster of public debt and taxes which have reached such surreal levels that each American – man, woman, senior citizen, and infant – owes a mind-numbing $44,000 of federal debt.

By Bruce Walker Thursday, October 14, 2010 at Canada Free Press


In the midst of an ocean of meaningless or malicious mischief, the government of our nation has died.  Consider Charles Krauthammer’s withering dissection of the federal budgetary process.  For the first time since the Budget Act of 1974, Congress has not passed a budget.  Political parties have often played chicken with the federal budget process, but no one dreamed that the budget could simply be dispensed with entirely – until now.

The surreal machinations before Obamacare passed in which Nancy Pelosi pondered having the House of Representatives to have “deemed passed” language which the House, in fact, had never voted on is not bad government:  it is no government.

Barack Obama, whose entire life has been enveloped by the sort of radical ideology which is only one baby step from full-blown nihilism, seems to rebel against the very notion of governance. As a consequence of this man-child in the White House, we are a headless nation in very dangerous times. Men like FDR gave us, often, bad government. Barry Obama gives us the death of government.


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