The Democrats’ Latest Talking Point

October 8, 2010 04:48

The fundamental point is that what Democrats consider their recent legislative “successes” are among the most detrimental economic policies that the American people have ever experienced.

By Chidike Okeem at American Thinker


Democrats recently have embraced a talking point at obvious variance with reality to explain  away their massive unpopularity with voters.

We are supposed to believe that they are defined by the voice of the Republicans and that they don’t know how to talk up their own legislative “successes”  — whereas the Republicans are supposedly “experts” at talking.

There is no amount of talking that can put the hearts of people at ease when they know that — due to a few imprudent strokes of pen codifying massive, unread bills into law — their life savings are going to be worth significantly less than they were previously, their jobs are hanging in the balance, and their health care is going to be compromised.

The Democrats have deftly managed to distance themselves from inarguable historical facts that, if widely believed, would deter entire groups of people from ever pulling the lever for Democrat candidates ever again.

With the media in their pocket, Hollywood in their corner, and prestigious colleges functioning as brazen citadels of liberal thought, Democrats have mobilized an entire propaganda machine that makes the dissemination of their talking points painlessly easy.


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