U.S.-Led Forces Chase Taliban From Kandahar

October 21, 2010 09:34

A military offensive in southern Afghanistan is chasing the Taliban out of their stronghold in Kandahar province, the Afghan president’s half brother said.

AP via FOXNews.com


“Most of them I believe left before the military operation started,” Ahmed Wali Karzai told The Associated Press late Wednesday. “They are running … I don’t know (where).”

NATO and Afghan forces began an operation to wrest control of Kandahar province in July, an attempt to regain the initiative in the nine-year war by taking the battle to the heartland of the insurgency along the Pakistani border.

“Things are changing very well. There’s a lot of progress in security … Some (Taliban) were arrested. Some were killed,” said Karzai. “There’s no single Taliban base in Kandahar province right now.”


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