A Broken President

November 11, 2010 05:28

We now have a broken president. His domestic agenda is dead — è morto. His legislative gains will soon be disarmed, if not unraveled. His agenda abroad fares no better.

By Geoffrey P. Hunt at American Thinker


Just two years ago, Obama was hailed as a 21st-century Lincoln, the figurative progeny of FDR and JFK combined. The finest dramatic speech-maker since Sir John Gielgud dominated the Shakespearean stage. The most gifted political orator since Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King.

The embarrassing extravaganza in India was another lavish display of his ignorance of history — this time about India and Pakistan. And his cowardly evasion in defining jihad was injury enough. How insulting to Indian lawmakers to witness in their own chamber that Obama was no orator — just a mere speech-reader, carrying his teleprompter like an IV drip, the first-ever orator in that body to require the mechanical cue cards.

How will appeasing radical Muslims, continuing to prosecute a war he doesn’t believe in, piling on further debt that leaves even European socialists gasping, devaluing the dollar by monetizing our debt, and happily denying America’s greatness in the world be winning issues?

A broken presidency, this time, is not to be mourned, but cheered.


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