Climate Deception Is A Crime Against Humanity?

November 26, 2010 06:35

The world was deceived about CO2 and climate change because too many good people did nothing. Worse, they viciously attacked the few who dared to speak out.

By Dr. Tim Ball

The number of malefactors authorizes not the crime. Thomas Fuller (1608—1661)

How can they get away with such incredible arrogance and deception? Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres of the UN Framework Convention on Climate (UNFCC) said “Let me be clear – there is no magic bullet, no one climate agreement that will solve everything right now,” “To expect that is naive. However, I am certain the world can do this step by step, but only if we keep on walking firmly in the right direction, including at Cancun.” She is talking about stopping or controlling climate change. Clearly Ms. Figueres knows nothing about climate science or doesn’t want to know.

There is nothing to solve except how the world was deceived that humans are the sole cause of climate change and therefore it can be controlled. It’s a delusion of modern, technologically, and bureaucratically arrogant people. She should know the cost of the delusion that human CO2 is causing climate change has produced. How people are being subjected to serious social and economic harm that borders on atrocities. Maybe her degree in anthropology would help her resolve this and other resulting issues.  Maybe she could explain how a group of people who falsified data, practiced inaccurate and inadequate science, convinced governments to introduce completely unnecessary and harmful policies, and fooled the Nobel Committee into giving them a Peace Prize. To call what they did a contribution to peace is an intellectual farce. But it is not a farce to consider that it appears to fit the definition of Crimes against HumanityMass atrocities are organized crimes whose perpetrators need money, weapons, transportation, and other means to commit widespread and systematic violence against civilians. A country, commercial entity, or individual enables mass atrocities when it provides resources, goods, services, or other practical support to the perpetrator, and when this support is a critical ingredient in the commission of the atrocities.

The Deadly Silent Majority

People at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), participants in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore are directly responsible but they only succeed with the silence of the majority. Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” But who is included as “good” in his definition? Surely if they do nothing, they are not good. Why are whistleblower laws necessary to protect people who identify malfeasance and illegality? The world was deceived about CO2 and climate change because too many good people did nothing. Worse, they viciously attacked the few who dared to speak out. There is a debate raging about generalizations. The claim is you cannot condemn an entire group because of the actions of a few individuals. Yes you can, and must, because if the group do not condemn then their silence is unspoken support for what is happening.

Because of the deliberate deception and vigorous propaganda that CO2 was causing warming actions were demanded and pursued. Completely unnecessary and devastating policies were implemented.  We’re wasting billions on climate change programs and alternate energy programs. Nations who pursued green energy and jobs policies are in serious financial problems. Nations like Britain and regions like Ontario Canada or California that abandoned or failed to update traditional energy sources, including nuclear, will have inadequate power supplies for many years to come. The cost of everything, especially food, has soared and will continue to rise. Industries have closed and more are threatened as draconian restrictions on carbon production are introduced. Other industries have evolved simply because of government subsidies. They are not sustainable and will fail when subsidies end. A hint of this is provided by the impending expiry of biofuels subsidies.

Steve McIntyre provided valuable evidence of the corruption in climate science when he identified the misuse of data and statistics in the graph dubbed “the hockey stick.” He refuses to say the errors and actions taken by Michael Mann and his associates were deliberate despite overwhelming evidence. He distances himself from those more forceful in identifying their actions as deliberate.

He claims, “CA (Climate Audit) readers know that I express myself carefully and try to make my opinions as narrow and precise as possible.”

The problem is when he had opportunities to speak out, even in a narrow way he failed. At the hearing chaired by Congressman Joe Barton of Texas, he was upstaged by Mann. It’s reasonable to consider errors genuine or a result of ignorance. However, the consideration must include all the factors involved. How many errors are necessary before a pattern emerges? If the person was unaware of the error, it means they are incompetent anyway?  Fortunately, in reporting to Barton’s Committee the Wegman Committee showed more gumption. They identified the scientific errors and the social dynamics of the small group who controlled publications and the peer review process of climate science. Now Wegman is under attack accused of plagiarism in the ongoing effort to personally discredit anyone who identifies the criminality of Mann’s actions and those who were associated with him. Climategate exists because of the corruption.

Failure of people to pursue the crimes committed by those involved with Climategate has emboldened them and their supporters to launch a claim to being the aggrieved parties. They can only do this because the leaders have whitewashed their actions. Continuations of the fiascos that are the UNFCC, the IPCC and the WMO filled with people who only work to perpetuate themselves mean it is increasingly urgent for the people to identify them as accessories after the fact. To co-opt an idea from the environmental movement, we must act locally by demanding accountability of national weather and climate agencies. Many of them are tacitly acknowledging culpability by investigating their data sources and management. (Sources here and here)

They Admit It Has Nothing To Do With Facts

The climate debacle has some frightening bookends. Stephen Schneider set the tone when he was quoted in Discovery magazine (October 1989) that scientist’s need, “to get some broader based support, to capture the public’s imagination…that, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up some scary scenarios, make simplified dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts we may have…each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective, and being honest.” The last sentence is deeply disturbing—there is no decision required.

Melanie Phillips reports CRU member Mike Hulme restating Schneider’s views recently. “Global warming, he claimed, was an example of ‘post-normal science’ which did not seek to establish the truth through evidence. Instead, truth had to be traded for influence. In areas of uncertainty, scientists had to present their beliefs instead as a basis for policy.”

Phillips comments, “It was an admission that, in the name of science, scientific reason had been junked altogether to promote mere ideological conviction. That is the real message of ‘Climategate’.”

True, but it’s much more. It’s an admission that the world was deliberately deceived. They succeeded because they attacked those who dared to question. They got away with it because experts who knew about serious problems kept quiet. They got away with it because nobody added up the total cost and human impact. They’ve been allowed to “commit widespread and systematic violence against civilians,” therefore the climate deception is a crime against humanity.


Dr. Tim Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg.  Dr. Ball employs his extensive background in climatology and other fields as an advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition, Friends of Science and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. This article originally appeared in Canada Free Press. Used by permission.

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