Clueless on a Shellacking

November 10, 2010 05:31

Democrats are making a big mistake if they think their problem was as simple as not enough talking.

By Ruth Marcus at


“The third thing they were saying … is, ‘There are things we expect government to do, but we don’t think government can solve all the problems. And we don’t want the Democrats telling us from Washington that they know what is right about everything.'”

That last pivot is what distinguishes — you guessed it — Bill Clinton 1994 from Barack Obama 2010. It’s what worries me about the response of the shellackee in chief to the election results — and, even more, the response of the soon-to-be-former House speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Their instincts have tended more to blaming the dogs for not understanding how good the food is for them, not accepting that it’s time to tweak the recipe.


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