Don Alejo’s Last Stand

November 24, 2010 07:26

Border War: Another rancher on the Mexican border was killed this week, this one refusing to bow to cartel orders to abandon his land. Unlike many, he went down fighting. Somewhere, Davy Crockett is smiling.

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Don Alejo Garza Tamen, 77, may be the first instance of a nation’s push-back against the monstrous cartels that are challenging the very existence of the Mexican state.

Ordered by drug cartels last Nov. 13 to hand over his ranch, Garza was just like so many other Mexicans who lost their life work and property to them. Like most, he would have been rational to run for his life, given the cartels’ capacity for depravity.

But the old rancher told the thugs no. He warned them if they tried to take it, he’d be waiting for them.

The barbarians struck the next day, barraging the ranch house with rifles and grenade launchers. But they encountered something they hadn’t expected — the lone Garza fighting back, hard, with his hunting rifle, taking four cartel attackers down with him before he died and leaving two others wounded.

When Mexican Marines arrived at the scarred ruins of the ranch a few days later, they were stunned to find that the rancher had fought the cartels alone, protecting his property at the ultimate price in place of the state that couldn’t.


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