Duped in North Korea: From Obama’s Mentor to Jimmy Carter

November 26, 2010 06:00

First, there was the deception and manipulation by the communist left, which, by its nature, refused to openly acknowledge that it was communist and serving the Communist Party line. Second, there was dangerous self-delusion and gullibility among some leading Democrats.

By Paul Kengor at American Thinker


As to the first, there’s the case of Frank Marshall Davis; on the second, there’s Jimmy Carter.

As I’ve written here and elsewhere, Frank Marshall Davis was a mentor to Barack Obama and an actual CPUSA member.

Only recently, with the declassification of Davis’s 600-page FBI file, can we see the evidence. In my book, Dupes, on page 507, I reprint an FBI document that features Davis’s Communist Party number: 47544.

For communists, however, this was a no-brainer: They wanted no U.S. involvement because they wanted all of Korea to be communist, following Red China’s recent path. This was the Stalinist line, the Maoist line, and the worldwide communist line. Thus, American communists ridiculed the very idea of U.S. engagement as a McCarthyite manifestation of paranoid anti-communism, as an “inordinate fear” of communism, as U.S. imperialism, as Uncle Sam sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, as…well, whatever worked.

The communist left didn’t stop pushing this line until the north was firmly in communist hands. It has been a murderous dungeon ever since, run by two lunatics from the Kim family. These two men, of course, can’t be trusted, which brings me to my second case, involving Jimmy Carter.


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