Early Morning Post-Election Night Thoughts

November 3, 2010 08:52

A few observations from Chicks on the Right.com

Just a few observations.

1. California liberals are totally masochistic.
2. Rachel Maddow saying that “Reid’s win and its devastating implications for the Republican party cannot be overstated” (paraphrasing but am hoping to find video) made me laugh for like 45 straight minutes. I mean, seriously, Rachel.
3. John Boehner totally gave me the weepy glees with his emotional speech.
4. People in Alaska are good at spelling Murkowski, and apparently love arrogance.
5. I have to wonder what kind of reality we’re living in when people like Alvin Greene capture 30% of the vote. I mean absolutely no disrespect to mentally retarded people when I say this, and this is coming from the mom of severely mentally retarded son, but I really think he’s mentally retarded. I’m totally serious about this.
6. Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank, and Andre Carson? Seriously, America? Ever hear the definition of insanity?

All in all, a fantabulous night for Republicans, and Daisy and I had a blast at the big election night party thanks to Agent J and Big E.


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