Graphic image strategy used to decrease smoking not planned to be used to decrease abortions

November 18, 2010 07:09

“Obviously talking about the health risks of smoking is a politically correct thing to do,” Thomas Peters, communications director for the American Principles Project, told The Daily Caller. “But talking about the widespread evidence that abortion harms vulnerable women and of course always harms the unborn human life isn’t politically correct so there is a bit of selection.”

So when it comes to abortions Sebelius and the HHS are pro death? ~ Editor

By Caroline May The Daily Caller


With the focus on the importance of extending life through the distribution of disturbing images, some have wondered if this could provide an opening for such a policy in abortion clinics. While pro-lifers have long used gruesome images of abortions to make their case, many do not expect to see the government utilizing the same strategy to decrease the deaths of unborn children as they have initiated to reduce the number of smokers.


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