Gridlock We Can Believe in! Bring it!

November 5, 2010 08:42

Leftists bemoan the likelihood of congressional gridlock with Republicans in charge, but Americans say, “Bring it on!”

by  Wynton C. Hall at Human Events


From every corner, at every turn, the ubiquitous liberal rallying cry now seems to be: “Republicans will be nothing but obstructionists!  All they will produce is gridlock!  Oh the horrors of it all.  Gridlock!”

To which the American electorate replies: “Thank God!  Bring on the gridlock!”

What this means is that Americans have decided that gridlock is far preferred to the inanity that is the current national trajectory.  What’s more, the markets seem to be keen on the new gridlock gang, as stocks immediately climbed to their highest levels in two years.  Markets like certainty.


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