Is America Growing Up?

November 4, 2010 04:51

We realized that the benefits to dependence are far outweighed by its negatives. We realized that we couldn’t have freedom without limited government, that we couldn’t have wealth without work, and that we couldn’t have unending handouts without unending debt.

By Ben Shapiro at


Americans elected President Obama because we wanted to put an end to divisive and strident debate in the aftermath of the Bush years; we were tired, and we were taken in by President Obama’s happy talk about the Great Political Convergence and the Great Racial Healing.

We realized that there is no such thing as a Great Political Consonance absent surrender of political control, and that Great Administrators are oligarchs.

We grew up. If 2008 was the Free Lunch Election, 2010 was the sudden understanding that Free Lunches don’t exist.


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