John Kerry Was Selling Out Israel During Middle East Trip- Wikileaks Document Dump

November 29, 2010 20:49

While Israel was trying to conduct “peace talks” with an unwilling Palestinian Authority, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman John “Why the Long Face?” Kerry was busily selling out the Jewish State.

by Jeff Dunetz 

Here’s another Wikileaks revelation that isn’t surprising. While Israel was trying to conduct “peace talks” with an unwilling Palestinian Authority, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman John “Why the Long Face?” Kerry was busily selling out the Jewish State. Instead of letting the sides negotiate their own solution, the Progressive Senator was telling Qatari leaders that the Golan Heights should be returned to Syria, and that a Palestinian capital should be established in East Jerusalem. He also conceded that  the Temple Mount (he called it the Al-Aqsa Mosque) will have to remain under Palestinian control.

Any negotiation has its limits, added Senator Kerry, and we know for the Palestinians that control of Al-Aqsa mosque and the establishment of some kind of capital for the Palestinians in East Jerusalem are not negotiable. For the Israelis, the Senator continued, Israel’s character as a Jewish state is not open for negotiation.

Well heck, we don’t need any negotiations now, don’t worry about the freeze or the fact that the Palestinians are avoiding peace talks at all costs,  the Jewish people have no right to the Holiest Site in Judaism. Senator Kerry says so.

But Kerry wasn’t done he also gave away the Golan Heights:

The Chairman added that Netanyahu also needs to compromise and work the return of the Golan Heights into a formula for peace.

Gee, the Senator from Massachusetts has saved everyone so much time, no long negotiating process, just the the word from up high. Senator Kerry explains it all to you.

In a separate meeting the day before with the prime minister, Kerry ignored history by saying that Hamas can become a peacemaker like Arafat:

Senator Kerry, noting that he had seen Yasser Arafat make the transition from PLO fighter to signer of an agreement on the White House lawn, observed that people can come around and change their position.

Huh? What transition? Maybe Senator Kerry missed the Second Intifada run by the terrorist Arafat. Maybe he also missed Arafat walking out of peace talks where he got almost everything he wanted. Both were in the papers, who knows maybe Teresa wasn’t selling enough Ketchup and he had to cancel his newspapers for a while.

Kerry has been a long time supporter of giving the terrorist organization Hamas legitimacy by recognizing and reaching out to them. This past December the crazies from Code Pink led an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Gaza Freedom March they did so with an official endorsement of their efforts by the former Democratic Party Presidential Candidate.

Massachusetts senior U.S. Senator John Kerry provided a letter on Senate stationery that supported constituents who participated in last December’s anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Gaza Freedom March, led by President Barack Obama’s ally

…In the letter, Kerry wrote that his staff met with the Massachusetts delegation before they left, and his staff would be briefed about the trip upon their return.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin used Kerry’s letter at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to pressure the Egyptian government to allow 1300 leftists passage into Gaza from Egypt. The leftists gathered in Cairo from around the world to mark the one-year anniversary of Israel’s defense against Hamas’ rocket and mortar attacks.

Images of the letters from Kerry and Carson were posted by the publisher of The Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah, on his blog at

Abunimah wrote that he, Benjamin and Kit Kettridge met for over an hour with “three officials, including Gina Cabrera, head of US citizen services, and Gregory D. LoGerfo, First Secretary in the Office of Economic and Political Affairs. The third official, whose name I did not note, identified himself as a ‘regional security’ official.”

Benjamin and Kettridge also met with “the embassy’s Deputy Director Matthew Tuellar, in command while Ambassador Scobey was on leave,” according to Abunimah.

…The letter was written on letterhead from Kerry’s Boston office. The name and phone number of staffer Christopher Wyman was included as a point of contact.

The text of Kerry’s letter is below

December 23, 2009
To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing to express my strong support for members of the humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts that will be traveling to Israel and the Palestinian Territories from December 27th to January 15th. The humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts is sponsoring this visit and they plan to meet with non-governmental organizations, assess the health care system and observe human rights and trade union conditions among Israelis and Palestinians.

I respectfully request that every courtesy be given the members of the delegation during their visit. My staff has met with members of the group and is impressed with their ability, dedication and commitment to the peace process. We look forward to seeing them again upon their return and hearing about their visit.

For any questions or concerns please feel to contact Christopher Wyman in my Boston office at 617 565-8522
Thank you for cooperation in this very important matter.
John F. Kerry

Not ONCE does Kerry mention terrorism in his letter! This is the Senator Kerry who believes that Yassir Arafat was a “good guy.” This is the Senator Kerry who believes he should do all the negotiating of a Mid-East peace agreement. Clearly Senator Kerry like most of our progressive Democratic legislators have no regard for the safety of the Jewish State.

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