Liberals’ ‘Progress’ Means Subjugation By Any Other Name!

November 20, 2010 09:48

In short, Progressivism and the advance of “Progressive Change”, as promoted by the Center for American Progress and supported by academia, the press and a large segment of those in government, is, by any other name, subjugation.

By Ron Ewart 11-20-2010 at Canada Free Press


Incestuous (definition 3 above) is the word that comes to mind when discussing the political philosophy and actions for individuals and groups with names like George Soros, Andy Stern, Van Jones and John Podesta, along with the Center for American Progress, Media Matters,, the Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Democracy Alliance and a whole host of other organizations that are funded by or associated with, financier/billionaire George Soros. (There are too many to list here) But today we will focus on the Center for American Progress (CAP), run by John Podesta, a Clinton administration insider. CAP advises the President on numerous political matters and is as left leaning as they get. George Soros keeps it well funded and George Soros has direct access to the White House. So far, he has been there four times we are told. Now it’s possible that he and the President only talk about basketball, but it is highly unlikely.

The subject of this article is the “Progressive” agenda and how it is all about subjugation of the American people. The agenda has four (4) distinct strategies:

1) Buy off a large segment of the American people with “promises” from the public treasury to make them dependent on the government and secure their undying loyalty and their vote so that progressives remain in power. (A man will very seldom bite the hand that feeds him)

2) Use compassion, guilt and propaganda to get the rest of the population to agree to strategy number 1.

3) Create or use crises (climate change, environmental catastrophes, natural disasters) as a rationale for their actions.

4) Exceed the limits of all constitutional authority to accomplish numbers 1, 2 and 3. (i.e. unconstitutional legislation, bureaucratic rule making, or court decisions that have no basis in the intent of the Founders of the Constitution.)

But for over 100 years Progressives have been quietly building an infrastructure in the American society, based on their four (4) strategies and that infrastructure is now fully embedded in the culture and the legislative and legal system. To uproot that infrastructure and render it impotent is going to be a monumental task and they know it. They still think they have power and from all indications, they still do. Globalists like Soros, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, other national and international money changers and power brokers and the all-complicit American government, are working in concert to tear down America and American sovereignty, re-distribute her wealth and resources to the rest of the world and rob us of our liberty and they are doing it with malice afore thought.


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