More Rocket, Less Docket

November 2, 2010 06:02

For those of us inclined to view al-Qaeda as an enemy rather than a cabal of defendants, justice is best achieved with Predator drones. Missile strikes better reflect due process — the process that is due — for jihadists who target civilians in wartime.

Andrew C. McCarthy at NRO


When Obama officials speak of “bringing terrorists to justice,” they mean prosecuting them in civilian trials.

Quite clearly, killing civilians is still al-Qaeda’s modus operandi.

The latest plots against America and the West reaffirm that the threat to our security comes mostly from places — Yemen, northwest Pakistan, Somalia — where U.S. intelligence capabilities are paltry. We are deeply dependent on foreign services. Those services know full well that our civilian due-process rules make it very tough to conceal intelligence methods and sources. Our allies will be less apt to tell us secrets if they fear we cannot keep secrets.


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