Netanyahu: A nuclear Iran is greatest danger to world

November 10, 2010 08:22

“The greatest danger facing the world is the prospect of a nuclear Iran,” he said. “It sponsors terror in Lebanon and Gaza, confronts the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, establishes beachheads in Saudi Arabia. Its influence has spread even to this hemisphere in South America. It has done all this without nuclear weapons. Imagine what it will do with them.”



“The only time Iran suspended its program was in 2003, when it believed it faced a military action,” he said. “If the world wants to stop Iran without military action, it has to convince them that they are willing to take such action.”

Netanyahu said at the GA, “I am willing to make mutual compromises for a genuine peace with the Palestinians, but I will not gamble with the security of the Jewish state.”

“Israelis want to see that the Palestinians are as committed as they are to ending the conflict once and for all. “They want to know that just as we are ready to recognize a state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians are ready to recognize Israel as the state for the Jewish people,” Netanyahu said.


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