Obama …Bipartisan?

November 15, 2010 05:36

American Revolution, Patriots all, organize with your neighbors, ignite the light of liberty in every church and synagogue through out the land, and carp on your legislators, federal, state, and local

By Dr. Gerald Stephens at Canada Free Press


What arrogant gall! The creature that waged twenty months of unremitting partisan assault on The United States of America, its people, and the constitution is now seeking cover for his monumental voter rejection by pleading for bi-partisan cooperation. The only recognizable ‘bi’ feature of his existence is that of his mental function being bi-polar.

Like all battle plans they launched an initial offensive designed to test what level of resistance they could expect. It took the guise of ‘bailout’ quickly followed by industrial and other corporate takeovers. Emboldened by puny resistance and clear indications that the dupes did not comprehend what had just happened, they immediately double downed for destruction and control of the medical care delivery system, a most crucial element in any society.


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