Obama Sets Aside Only Two Hours to Meet With European Leaders at NATO Meeting in Portugal

November 18, 2010 06:28

“amidst a significant European economic crisis with major consequences for the United States and other countries,” less than two hours would be devoted to economic matters.



Two hours reportedly have been set aside for the meeting on Saturday afternoon, with a crammed agenda topped by economic issues and including security – especially in the light of recent terrorism alerts in Europe – trade, development aid and climate change.

“In just two hours, E.U. leaders and the U.S. president will discuss three baskets of issues on the economy, security and foreign policy, and global issues related to climate change and international aid coordination.”

“There seems to be a deficit of energy, innovation, and enthusiasm on both sides.”

Analysts say Obama has been more focused on relations with an increasingly assertive China and the “reset” policy with Russia, than with ties with Europe.


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