Obama’s Asia Trip Not Seen As a Success

November 15, 2010 05:43

Critics have characterized the trip as disappointing – if not a downright failure.

By Patrick Goodenough at CNSNews.com


Asked “what was the number-one complaint, concern, or piece of advice that you got from foreign leaders about the U.S. economy and your stewardship of the economy,” the president replied to the questioner, Chip Reid of CBS News, “What about compliments? You didn’t put that in the list.”

However, analysts have focused on the fact that G20 leaders balked at binding restrictions on China’s currency manipulation, an issue with major implications for many economies and a priority for the U.S.

A failure to finalize a three year-old free-trade pact with South Korea also drew widespread criticism – with Obama, not his South Korean counterpart Lee Myun-bak, in the firing line.

Despite announcing last June that he would have an agreement on the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) by the time of the Seoul summit, after meeting with Lee Obama announced that more work was needed and expressed the hope outstanding issues would be settled “within weeks, not months.”


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