Redistribution of Liberty

November 22, 2010 06:47

In case you wonder while boarding a plane, where have your Constitutional rights gone, I have the answer for you: they have been redistributed.

By Online: Mark Andrew Dwyer Sunday, November 21, 2010 via Canada Free Press


You have to “voluntarily” submit yourself to humiliating procedure that borders with sexual assault as a precondition to your exercise of your right to travel. Your genitals may be inspected, a TSA agent may wander with her hand under your wife’s skirt, and even your kids may be exposed on what you thought was child molesting.

And all this nonsense takes place while millions of Mexican illegal aliens, loyal to their La Raza (The Race) and not to our nation, violate America’s border and the immigration law as they please because, we are being told, any meaningful enforcement would create “a war zone” and offend Mexico.


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