Save Our Troops from Futile Death in Afghanistan

November 24, 2010 09:11

First under President Bush and now under President Obama, a punitive raid has been turned into an exercise in nation building in a place that does not have nation in the modern sense of the word.

by Tony Blankley at Rasmussen Reports


The administration’s Afghanistan War policy seems to be settling into a dismal combination of confusion and cynicism.

I am not arguing that we could not win a theoretical war in Afghanistan. But this particular war is being fought without sufficient resources, without a strategy than can remotely succeed and, most unfortunately, with at least one eye on our domestic politics, rather than both eyes on victory.

Regarding the strategic failure, the premise of this war as currently being run is that we turn everything over to our Afghan government army and policy, who will be capable of maintaining whatever successes our troops will have achieved. This is laughable.

Finally, it is apparent that the strategy of this war has been fatally tainted by domestic political calculation. This proposition was unambiguously described by Woodward in his recent book “Obama’s War.”


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