Sharia Law Is Already Here

November 30, 2010 05:09

There are at least seventeen instances of Sharia law being applied in eleven states, as Daniel Pipes has noted.

By John Bennett at American Thinker


Most notably, a NJ court held that a man did not commit rape because according to his belief in Sharia law, a man cannot rape his wife, since the wife serves him. So Sharia law was applied to the mental state element of the crime of rape.

Judges are open to these arguments, and that is the beginning of Sharia victory if it is not stopped. Liberal judges will become, in their social circles, standard-bearers of enlightenment and cultural sensitivity for embracing the diversity of Sharia law. That is all the incentive they need to continue to use foreign standards to decide what our rights will be. Look no farther than Justice Ginsburg’s incredible willingness to latch on to foreign precedents that confirm her preconceived policy preferences.

Consider what else Muslims could demand at a roller rink for “religious reasons”: For “religious reasons,” males and females are to be separated from each other in public much of the time. For religious reasons, there must be no modern music to offend traditional ears. For religious reasons, there should be no pork products at snack bars. For religious reasons, homosexual skaters should be killed in one of many colorful ways — a belief being taught to British Muslims.


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