Tea Party candidates get broad national support

November 5, 2010 09:29

The more conservative the message the broader the support as Ben Quayle tops seven candidates who received more donations from outside the home state.

Not only does the left not hear message of the election, they refuse to admit how deep and wide the support for it is.

The disparaging personal attacks by national propaganda media outlets only raised awareness and financial support for many Teaparty backed candidates. Seven conservative Republican candidates that were elected received more support from outside their home state.

Two candidates, Rand Paul R-KY, and Ben Quayle R-AZ, recieved more than double of their funds from out of state. Admittedly, their high profile fathers probably had something to do with them being the top two. Rand Paul drew 68.9% from out of state while Ben Quayle topped the list at 69.7%.

The five others were Kelly Ayotte (NH) at 60.7%, Daniel Benishek (MI) at 58.9%, John Hoeven (ND) at 57.6%, Daniel Coats (IN) at 57.1%, and Pat Toomey (PA) 51.8%.*

The underlying message here is that conservatives all over the country were willing to pitch in and help candidates outside their home states. This could prove to be a growing trend. If so, the Democrats better look out in 2012.

~ Michael Whipple, Editor

*candidate contribution figures are from OpenSecrets.org, Center for Responsive Politics

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