Terror Strike Eight on Obama’s Watch

November 29, 2010 06:43

While President Obama was icing his sore lip this weekend, Americans narrowly avoided tragic fatalities from an eighth terror strike–on American soil–during his tenure.

Kevin McCullough at Townhall.com


The troubling part of these occurrences is how many adulations and congratulations seemed to be passed around. Pardon me if I’m the only that feels this way, but getting lucky because the enemy is really dumb eight times in a row is NOT particularly comforting to me.

Still, in both instances we had muslim males between the ages of 17 and 40–just in case anyone from TSA wished to know. But of course that was the case in six of the previous seven terror strikes we’ve had launched against us on Obama’s watch. Whether it was one of the three military recruitment center shootings, the muslim practitioner at Ft. Hood, the ever genius islamic male who could not light his briefs while the plane was landing in Detroit, the Times Square bomber, the printer bombs, and now the Somali-born Oregonian. All of them islamic, all of them male (that we are able to know to date) and all of them dead set on killing Americans, to the point where they launched a strike against us.

So is it hubris, or ignorance that caused TSA to molest the breasts of mothers, wives, and girls as young as 12 this past weekend?

Is it stupidity or mental disability that causes the administration to continue to believe that they have kept us safe while on duty? (Actually I have a learning disabled son, and this comparison is more of an insult to the learning disabled, than it is the administration, my apologies.)


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