The Pretenders

November 29, 2010 16:13

When their influence is weak, the liberal pretenders are merely annoying or comical. But when liberal elites are in control of our most important institutions, their games become dangerous.

by Gary Bauer at Human Events


The Pretenders in charge of the Transportation Security Administration are the ones you can thank for the full-body frisk you received during your Thanksgiving weekend travels. They’re the ones who pretend that a grandmother in a wheelchair or a toddler in a stroller poses the same potential threat to passengers and airport security as, say, a Middle Eastern man in Muslim garb with a one-way ticket paid for in cash.

The Left’s pretending knows no limits. It pretends that abortion is “health care” instead of a deadly procedure. It pretends that a child who recites a prayer in school poses a threat to our constitutional democracy, and that if America were only to tax its wealthiest five percent even more heavily, our fiscal house would be in order. This last belief ignores the fact that these are the people we need most for investments, in order to generate the “jobs, jobs, jobs” that this administration keeps telling us that it is focused on creating.


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