AFL-CIO Leader Accepts Communist Party Award: ‘I Stand With Them’

December 9, 2010 18:56

Those who doubt the connection between the communist party and the unions need only to read accounts of a recent awards ceremony to see how both groups view each other.

Jonathon M. Seidl at The Blaze


On Sunday, December 5, the Communist Party USA gave awards to a pair of labor leaders and a former assistant attorney. Among the recipients was Connecticut AFL-CIO head John Olsen, who not only gladly accepted the award, but garnered “loud applause” when he said he stands with CPUSA.

The article goes on to praise the union for its work, and explains how important the union is in fighting for CPUSA causes:

The AFL CIO and local unions are now developing their legislative agendas.  For the first time in 22 years, a Democratic governor was elected in Connecticut.  It is widely recognized that union members made the difference in voter turnout.

However, especially with the state budget crisis, grass roots organizing will be needed to forestall cuts and layoffs and to demand expanded revenues by taxing the very rich.


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