Americans Want to Know: Will Congress Legislate or Continue to Put on a Show?

December 8, 2010 17:31

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell delivered the following remarks Wednesday regarding focusing on priorities rather than show votes:

“It’s perfectly clear by now that our friends on the other side are more interested in pleasing special interest groups than in addressing our nation’s jobs crisis.

“Once again they’re insisting that the Senate spend its last remaining days before the end of the session voting on a liberal grab bag of proposals that are designed to fail.

“They don’t even intend to pass these items — they just want to show that they care enough to hold show votes.

“Which raises a question: are we here to perform or to legislate?

“Our friends have focused on partisan votes for four years now.

“Meanwhile, millions of Americans have lost jobs and homes and, in many cases, hope.

“And the nation’s debt has skyrocketed through misguided spending on government programs Americans didn’t want.

“It’s time to put them aside and actually accomplish something the American people support. It’s time to give back the legislative process to the people who sent us here.

“That means preventing a tax hike that’s about to slam every working American.

“It means doing something to address the jobs crisis — to give families and small businesses the tools they need to revive this economy and get people back to work.

“It’s time to end the posturing and to work together to accomplish something not for the liberal base, but for the vast middle of America that needs us.

“The White House has signaled its concern over the economy — that its policies aren’t helping, and that it’s time to work with Republicans on forging a new path.

“We’ve reached a bipartisan agreement.

“It’s time Democrats in Congress reach a similar conclusion and enable us to act for the good of the whole country.

“Americans are counting on us.

“They’ve waited long enough .”

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