Atheism Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

December 30, 2010 07:22

Progressives have slowly, but surely, infiltrated America’s political process, court system, and media outlets, to such an extent that they are now the de facto “establishment.” Hence the conservative movement (which represents the vast majority of Americans) has largely been forced “underground,” and finds itself fighting for its survival against a federal government that no longer represents them (or cares to).

By Jim O’Neill at Canada Free Press


Among other things, liberal loons believe that it’s colder because it’s warmer, that you save money by wasting it, that shackling people to the government via handouts (“rights!”) frees them, and that radical Muslim terrorists are neither radicals, Muslims, nor terrorists.  (Link) and (video) and (Video)

“We the people” must take back control of America, or we will be complicit in the ruination of the greatest and most successful social experiment in human history. Contrary to the lies spewed forth by secular humanist Progressives, America is a country founded on Judeo/Christian principles, and aligned with God. It is no wonder that the atheistic Far left abhors us, and seeks our destruction.

They have slowly and cleverly targeted certain areas of our culture for infiltration and subversion. First and foremost, they have subverted our university and college campuses, and thereby stocked our professions full of indoctrinated sheeple. Of special interest to them, has been the indoctrination of students of law, journalism, and education.

“We the people” have been betrayed by our public servants, and we are now under the heel of a cleverly disguised tyranny. Our concerns are given lip service, while the Power Elite go about the business of implementing social engineering programs designed to shut up, shut out, and shut down, “we the people.”

In the race to see which conceptual framework is the bloodiest, atheism leaves religion in the dust, and Christianity itself, as an “also ran.”  Bravo—way to go Far Left atheists!  You must be so proud. (Link)

To the “it’s colder because it’s warmer” crowd, this all makes perfect sense. The rest of us need to stop saying “What?!;” pick our jaws off the floor, and be about our business—the business of protecting and advancing America, and restoring true American values.


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