GOP Must Stop Any Lame-Duck DREAM Act

December 1, 2010 07:13

As with all amnesties, it is much more expansive than its proponents purport.Call your legislator 202-224-3121

by Virgil Goode at Human Events


Even its advocates admit that two million illegals will be eligible, but the number will inevitably be much higher.

But of course, scores of pro-amnesty Democrats were voted out that there is no way the DREAM Act will pass in the new congress.

While American voters oppose amnesty, Harry Reid knows that amnestied illegal aliens will support the Democrats.  This is the real reason Democrats are pushing for amnesty.  That’s why National Review columnist John Derbyshire wrote that DREAM should stand for “Democratic Reinforcements Entering America from Mexico”

Unfortunately, some Republicans, such as Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.) have already said they will vote for the bill.

Those RINOs are digging their own grave.  Republicans are DREAMing if they think they will ever be able to out-pander the Democrats.


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