GOP RINOs Cave On New START, help Obama disarm U.S. & shoot down missile defense

December 22, 2010 07:36

This treaty is a monument to President Obama’s naive dream of a “world without nuclear weapons.” Our security will rest on ambiguous language and vague assurances, not on the genius of U.S. technology.

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The heirs of Ronald Reagan abandon his legacy and dream of defending America from nuclear attack.

Peace in our time, or should we say appeasement in our time, as a sufficient number of GOP senators signed on the New START treaty to give the Democrats and President Obama the 67 votes needed for ratification.

This effectively gives Russia a veto over the defense of the American people against nuclear attack.

This past weekend, 59 senators voted to reject the McCain-Barrasso amendment, which would have stripped from the treaty preamble language linking offensive and defensive systems. That language gives the Russians cover to withdraw from the treaty if we enhance our missile defenses in the slightest.

It legitimizes the bogus Russian argument that defending ourselves is destabilizing and the threat comes from the weapons themselves, not those nations willing to use them.

The problem is not nukes but who has them. We don’t fear Britain and France. We should fear, and defend ourselves against, those who dream of a world without the United States.


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