Kill The Lame Duck

December 21, 2010 05:42

If two years isn’t long enough to get the people’s business done, they should find another line of work. Senators and congressmen the voters sent home should do just that: Go home. – IBD

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It is an anachronism a constitutional amendment tried to kill. It lets defeated legislators wreak political and economic havoc without consequence. Like the dodo, the lame duck should be extinct.

Elections are supposed to have consequences, one of them being occasionally throwing the rascals out. Yet here the rascals we threw out on Nov. 2 are still running the roost and deciding the fate of our republic in ways we have already rejected.

The whole point of elections is to express the will of the people through their representatives. If voters decide to throw candidate A out in favor of candidate B, doesn’t a lame duck session effectively deny the consent of the governed? As one blogger put it, lame duck sessions ignore the voters’ “restraining order” on Congress.


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