Looking back on our growing influence

December 31, 2010 10:20

We’ve only just begun to fight! With over 3,800,000 hits and over 1,300,000 page views in our 1st short year of 11 months our influence is growing.

On this the last day of 2010 we pause to think back on the battles fought. Win or lose we pounded cyberspace with over 5,000 articles and videos on Obamacare, immigration, border security, the elections, foreign policy, corruption, the economy, education, freedom, family, global warming, the environment, judicial tyranny, government, the military, media bias, socialism, unions and terrorism.

We lead campaigns against the Dream Act, the Start treaty, Dodd-Frank, bailouts, stimulus spending and net neutrality among so many others. We were months ahead on articles about net neutrality, socialists in the government, the Pigford reparations scam, the green jobs myth, ACORN corruption, and Agenda 21.

We boldly exposed the radicals surrounding Obama and his links to radicals past and present. We stood for truth against the onslaught of derisive propaganda perpetuating the global warming hoax.

We warned of the drastic results from the left’s radical agenda in health care, energy, and deficit spending. We have continued to cry the alarm of an unsustainable debt and provided a debt clock for easy referral.

We pointed out media bias and outright propaganda by both the Obama administration and its willing accomplices in the main stream media.

We exposed the money links between Obama, leftist politicians and Goldman Sachs, GE, unions, and the ‘green’ industrial complex.

We campaigned for conservative candidates in early special elections and in November’s historical mid-terms.

We’ve offered comprehensive analysis on the financial crisis, the housing bust, the federal reserve and wasteful government spending.

We’ve championed freedom and liberty for America, Latin America and the world. We have exposed the failures of socialism, Marxism and communism and their influences in America.

In the coming year we hope to do even more. Reach more people, call more to action, and inform on more issues, legislation and elections. But we need your help.

We can provide the research, post the articles, write the editorials and make links available. We need you to spread the word. Go beyond just reading. Post a link on Twitter or Facebook. Print out articles to share with friends family and coworkers. Email articles and links. Talk about the issues. If we are to save the Republic, the topic of conversation needs to be about our government and the critical issues facing us.

Looking to the new year we hope to expand and improve our site to help you continue to be the best informed and to help you reach others with your knowledge.

We also need your help financially. Unlike many educationally oriented non-profit enterprises, usACTIONnews.com does not offer a tax-exempt status to donors. As a free-market oriented effort, it does not seek to provide government tax benefits to individuals as an incentive for support. The reason to donate, in the estimation of those involved with usACTIONnews.com, should be the cause itself. We want to be free of government restrictions to support candidates and causes.

This is more than a full time enterprise. We would also like to expand to produce more videos, more instructional resources and more help to you in the battle to save America. Also, if you are WordPress savvy, a video editor, or otherwise want to volunteer your help or just your helpful advice email us at editor at usactionnews  .  com. (we spread it out to prevent web crawlers from capturing the address and spamming)

Are you interested in contributing? We have a secure Paypal payment page for your convenience. Every little bit helps. We happily accept personal or business contributions, subscriptions or support. If you would like a sponsored link or ad box just let us know by emailing the editor. To donate now, please click here or use the donate button at the top right of the page. Your payment billing will show Sea Star International, Inc. our legal entity which is a sub S corporation with one shareholder. Help us keep up the good fight.

Whether you can contribute or not we hope you will continue the fight. We must never, never, never give up. The Edmund Burke quote in our header sums up our political philosophy “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. We’ve been doing nothing for far too long.

Thanks for a great year and we wish you a great new year!

~ Michael Whipple, Editor

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