Obama, Hillary knew Honduran president Zelaya was a criminal and a threat to democracy

December 21, 2010 19:24

Wikileaks cables show that Obama and Hillary were aware of Zelaya’s criminal activity and his threat to Honduran democracy and backed him anyway.

Mary Anastasia O’Grady an editor at the Wall Street Journal reported that state department cables revealed problems with Zelaya dating from the Bush administration.

“The last year and a half of the [President Manuel] Zelaya Administration will be, in my view, extraordinarily difficult for our bilateral relationship. His pursuit of immunity from the numerous activities of organized crime carried out in his administration will cause him to threaten the rule of law and institutional stability.”
—Charles Ford, U.S. ambassador to Honduras, May 15, 2008

O’Grady writes:

‘Mr. Ford’s cable, written as he was turning his post over to Mr. Llorens after a three-year assignment in Tegucigalpa, supports this premise. In the opening summary, Mr. Ford wrote: “Ever the rebellious teenager, Zelaya’s principal goal in office is to enrich himself and his family while leaving a public legacy as a martyr who tried to do good but was thwarted at every turn by powerful, unnamed interests.”‘

And continuing about Ford:

‘The insightful diplomat also recognized Mr. Zelaya’s disdain for other institutions. He “resents the very existence of the Congress, the Attorney General and Supreme Court.” That resentment rose to the surface in June 2009 when the Supreme Court ruled that a referendum on his re-election was unconstitutional.’

Obama and Hillary were forewarned in writing and simply chose to ignore the real democracy in Honduras being enforced by its supreme court, congress and its attorney general. We wrote extensively questioning the bizarre policies of the Obama administration in trying to strong arm Honduras. The Obama administration took such an extreme position that they were allied with Hugo Chavez and Castro in their demands on Honduras.

It can only be seen as a willingness to destroy an ally to appease a socialist

Buds gang up on Honduras

dictator. What does that say about our present administration?

In another strange twist of similarities Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Obama’s FCC announced major moves against their respective internet systems on the same day.

~ Editor

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