Obama’s War on Chris Christie (and anyone else who opposes him)

December 6, 2010 07:04

Governor Christie has been touted as a future GOP candidate for the presidency. But Barack Obama knows of only one kind of preemptive war: against those who threaten his throne. Therefore, Christie has become a target of Obama and his team of minions.

By Ed Lasky at American Thinker


The latest attack? The U.S. Department of Transportation (headed by Obama’s political ally from Illinois, Ray Lahood) now wants to make New Jersey repay $271 million in federal funds already spent on a proposed Hudson River tunnel that Christie scrapped because of spiraling and never-ending cost overruns.

A few weeks ago, the Department of Justice (so lax and incompetent in the New Black Panther Party voter rights case and terrorism trials) focused its ire on Christie when it created a pseudo-scandal regarding Christie’s spending of taxpayer money when he served as a federal prosecutor.

New Jersey tried to become one of the finalists selected for the Obama administration’s Race to the Top education grant program. Had New Jersey won the competition, the state would have been in line for increased federal help to repair its schools. The state’s application was rejected because of a minute error made in the form — the type of error that normally would have escaped bureaucrats’ wandering eyes. Was New Jersey rejected because the Obama administration wanted to derail Christie’s political career? Was Christie the target because he dared to take on teachers’ unions, one of the most power special interests of the Democratic Party? Would Barack Obama sacrifice the future of children for political payback or to hurt an opponent of the teachers’ unions? (The answer to the latter was yes in the case of cutting off federal funds for charter schools in the District of Columbia.)

Barack Obama has Christie in his sights. Obama will use all the dirty tricks in his bag to kill the New Jersey governor’s political career in its tracks.


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