“Prince of Pork” to Chair Appropriations Committee

December 9, 2010 08:16

In a sign that the GOP may still be tone deaf to the will of the people the House puts Hal, Prince of Pork, Rogers as chair of the powerful Appropriations committee and Fred, I believe in global warming, Upton as chair of Energy and Commerce committee.

Hal Rogers (R-KY) had over $200 million in earmarks in the last congress.

Fred Upton (RINO-MI) helped create the EPA, swallowed the global warming hoax hook, line and sinker saying in 2009 “I have said at nearly every climate change hearing that for me I don’t dispute the science.  Right or wrong, the debate over the modeling and science appears to be over.” He also voted to ban the light bulb, raise mileage standards, fund biofuels, increase energy taxes, limit energy exploration on federal land, and blocked overhaul of the endangered species act. We’re doomed. More at Human Events.

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